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We need a better web.

The free and open web is facing real challenges. Half of the world’s population still can’t connect. For the other half, the web’s undeniable benefits seem to come with far too many unacceptable risks: to our privacy, our democracy, even our mental health.

#ForTheWeb is a global campaign of people like you, uniting as one voice to get governments, companies and the public to stand up for a free, open and safe web that benefits everyone. Will you join us to fight #ForTheWeb?


There are three ways we can build the web we want.


Share your web story.

How has the web changed your life? What do you use it for? What are your hopes for its future? We want to know. Film your story and post it on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else at #ForTheWeb.


Help us build a contract for the web.

With partners around the world, we’re building a Contract #ForTheWeb to ensure a free, open and fair web for everyone.


Join the fight for the web

Show your support for the principles of an open web, and we’ll email you with ways that you can add your voice to decisions that governments and companies are making about the future of our web.

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Why are we #ForTheWeb?